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Nambang CNA Co., Ltd.(Nambang CNA Co., Ltd.)

회사명 영문(국문업체의 경우 영문회사명 노출)

Country 한국 Republic of Korea
Address (17998)Nambang CNA Co., Ltd. 204, Chupalsandan 1-gil, Paengseong-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel 82-031-651-5911 Fax 82-031-691-6441
Site www.nabakem.com
Booth No. P521

"Nambang CNA Co., Ltd.", which always opens the future of aerosol with ceaseless research and development, provides chemical industrial products and aerosol products necessary for the entire industry from basic industries such as shipbuilding, automobiles, steel, and textiles to high-tech industries. are producing. Together with allied companies of "NABAKEM", such as Nambang CNA Co., Ltd., Nambang FC Co., Ltd., Nabachem Co., Ltd., and NABAKEM Central Research Institute, we are planting a purely domestic brand called "NABAKEM" all over the world, and we are planting the best technical staff and cutting-edge We are achieving remarkable growth based on our facilities and facilities.