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Dream Corp, provides chemical materials solutions from raw materials to next-generation biodegradable polymers
2021-07-02 Views: 1742


Dream Corp. provides chemical materials solutions from raw materials to next-generation biodegradable polymers,

exhibition of various chemical materials and products such as biodegradable PLA nonwoven fabric,

PLA color masterbatch, 2D graphene masterbatch, Purging agent, CaCo3, Bio-Styrofoam.



Dream Corp will continue to participate in KOPLAS 2021, which runs from August 25 to 28. Dream Corp is accelerating the demand for

eco-friendly products and high-functioning materials to respond to climate change and protect the sustainable environment.

Dream Corp supplies fuzzers needed to manufacture raw materials (calcium carbonate, Ti02) and plastic (Film) products,

along with biodegradable polymers and biodegradable products such as PLA nonwoven fabric, bio-styrofoam, and graphene M/B.

Recently, biodegradable products are receiving a lot of attention due to the growing number of eco-friendly issues.

I think it will be a great opportunity for everyone who participates in KOPLAS 2021 to introduce their products directly to Dream's various chemical materials.

This year at KOPLAS, we are planning to find you the biodegradable product line.


The three new biodegradable polymers that will be introduced from this exhibition are PLA, PBS, and PBAT,

which are biodegradable by microorganisms such as bacteria, birds, and fungi under certain conditions.

The biodegradable polymer products handled by this company have a biomass content of more than 50 to 90%,

and have excellent biodegradable capability and carbon reduction. Also, the biodegradable polymer decomposition period is about 3-6 months,

and the decomposition proceeds in a relatively short time.


Maruo's CaCo3 product can be top cut and differential management according to customized specifications according to customer needs.

In addition, the uniform coating of stearic acid on the surface of calcium carbonate improves the rollout performance of the film and also reduces cost by thin film.

It can replace conventional expensive powder paints and ceramics and improves the life span of eco-friendly materials and Spray Gun.

Recently, the demand for eco-friendly products is accelerating to respond to rapid climate change and protect the sustainable environment.

In response, Dream Co., Ltd. will present a new eco-friendly product line at this KOPLAS 2021.


PLA nonwoven fabric made using biodegradable polymer PLA, PLA color master placement, and Bio-styrofoam will be presented.

In this exhibition, the biggest challenge of plastic injection molding is black spots and surface chemical fudge agents to prevent black line defects.

ALLESKLAR, a new concept of surface chemical fudge from Dream, can be removed at low pressure due to the chemical action of the surface,

not physical force, and can only be used by mixing 5% of ALLESKLAR with regular resin. Also, it is possible to clean the complicated hot runner, nozzle, etc. without disassembly.


Dream Corp. provides two-dimensional material-based inorganic filler & composite materials for functional implementation of packaging materials

and improvement of properties. 2D material refers to a material in which atoms have a single atomic layer thickness

(about 1 nm = one billionth of a meter) and form a crystal structure on a plane.


2D materials can be classified as conductors, semiconductors, and non-conductors according to their electrical properties,

typically graphene with conductor properties, metallurgical dicalconide with semiconductor properties, and hexagonal boron nitride with black

and non-conductor properties.

Graphene can be used for a variety of purposes, including high-strength polymer fusion compound additives, heat management

(heat, heat dissipation, insulation) additives, absorption/sound additives, electrical properties (anti-war, conductive) additives,

PP, PET, PA6, PA66, PLA molten radioactive fiber additives, antifungal, bacteria, etc. Customized hybrid materials suitable for applications

where graphene and hBN alone cannot solve consumers' needs are continuously being developed, mainly mechanical property improvement and functionality (conductivity, antibacterial, etc.).

Customized hybrid materials based on 2D materials can be mass-produced only by Our company.

Masterbatch and Compound supplied by Dream Corp is a functional improvement product such as mechanical property and conductivity

by adding 2D materials such as graphene to Polymer Resin, and customized products can be supplied with various 2D material spec and contents depending on the target requirements in the field.