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DAEHO COOLER Co., Ltd, Professional manufacturer of industrial water chiller Display the Air-cooled Chiller, Water-cooled Chiller, Mini Chiller, Test/Research room Chiller, Injection molding Chiller and Oil Chiller. etc.
2021-06-10 Views: 96

Established in 1985 as a specialized freezing machine installer and bagan manufacturing freezing machines since 1993, Daeho Cooler Co., Ltd.

We will continue to participate in KOPLAS 2021, which runs from September 13th to 16th,

in these challenging times. We are the leaders of the chillers needed for various facilities or equipment and

development for the plastics and rubber industries.

We has lots of experience for installation cases and excellent services in chiller market for over 20years.

Daeho cooler is going to introduce a variety of chillers to everyone participating in KOPLAS 2021

And, we think it'll be a great opportunity to consult to you directly. In this KOPLAS 2021, We're going to look for

you with lots of kind chiller products that have been updated from the existing ones.



A/AM Series

Air-cooled type water chiller of productivity improvement & high-quality with excellent reproducibility by quick reacting about temperature changes.

It is designed to reproduce the performance of maximum efficiency for cooling & high-temperature.






The mini chiller has superior performance with cooling function & maximised efficiency

And, it has been designed with interior together.




Water-cooled type water chiller has been designed to cool abilities of the maxium efficiency

by high precision and high-tech. control method.




Allow the machinery, Equipment that use cutting oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil

to achieve High efficiency & high performance