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Bh Chem, Professional supplier and various item within Thermoplastic Elastomers
2021-05-04 Views: 215


Dioshy was established since 1999. “To be the most professional supplier within Thermoplastic Elastomers territories”,

was the commitment that set up from the beginning. What Dioshy offers to the markets are the most consistent TPEs.

Dioshy are composed of professional and highly passionately members who possessed the latest concepts in material technologies.


Dioshy has the most advanced manufacturing, testing and experimental facilities; also offers customized and versatile TPEs to the markets.


As the pioneer of TPEs territories, we navigate in the following new applications, such as :


*High temperature over molding processing with PC, ABS or PC/ABS. “The ONE”

*Over molding processing with PETG even by transparent TPS. “The Bellwether”

*Ultra low hardness (10~50 Shore A) over molding processing with PC, ABS or PC/ABS. “Unbreakable”

*Real shock absorbed TPEs. “Awesome”

*Environmental friendly TPS for electrical applications.

*FDA (US) compliant and LFGB (EU) compliant TPEs.