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K-Mtech 2021

Korea Materials & Composites Show

Dates 25th(Wed.) ~ 28th(Sat.) August, 2021 (4days)
Time 10:00 a.m. ~ 5.00 p.m.
Venue KINTEX 2(Korea International Exhibition Center 2) Hall 8
Scale 11,290 sqm
Concurrent Show KOPLAS 2021

Why K-Mtech ?

  • The latest technologies and trends come together

    The materials industry is recognized as a key element to technological competitiveness in the 4th Industrial Revolution. As such is the case, the significance of this field has been highlighted as a government-level task force team has been created and various efforts have been made to ensure the stable growth of the national economy and strengthen competitiveness for the sake of national security.
    At K-Mtech, you can witness the ongoing transformation of the materials industry, now more dynamic than ever with the emergence of convergence technology. Not only that, you will have the opportunity to become more in touch with the Korean market as well as other emerging Asian economies through engagement with buyers in Korea and from around the world.

  • Buyers with purchasing power from various related fields will visit

    K-Mtech, will be held concurrently with
    and will attract buyers from various fields including the automotive,
    electronics, medical, construction, food, and packaging industry.

Manufacturers, suppliers and related personnel of :

  • Automobiles and parts
  • Medical devices
  • IT products & electronics
  • Materials & parts distributors, agents, representatives
  • Construction materials researchers
  • Various plastic goods
  • Clusters, networks, associations, public institutions
  • Raw/intermediary materials related production equipment
  • Chemical corporations, materials researchers
  • Professional Education Institutions, Government Institutions

K-Mtech, the future of the materials industry unfolds!

  • Lightweight is not an option, it is a must

    It is expected that the automotive CFRP material and parts market will become more active due to reasons including global regulations concerning carbon dioxide emissions caused by environmental pollution, fuel economy optimization, and increased battery weight.

  • Bio Plastic, for a sustainable future

    Increased in environmental awareness and the growing need for alternatives due to the depletion of oil resources have brought about a trend of steady growth in the bio-related market. The emergence of eco-friendly bioplastics capable of retaining physical properties rivaling polymer plastics that are harmless to the human body