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AETP, Plasma Surface Pre-treating System : AP(Air Plasma), AFP(Flame), AVP(Vacuum) series’ & Eco-friendly Antibacterial-Anti-Virus Pigment Exhibits.
2021-03-25 Views: 89




AETP(President ChangHoon Lee) is specialist of plasma surface treatment system,

exhibit an AP series at 26th Korea international plastics and rubber show, KOPLAS 2021.


AP series, atmospheric pressure plasma machine, improves adhesion of surface fast and easily.

It does not damage to the surface physically, form the functional group on the surface effectively.

AETP show these AP series with 6 axis robot as a demonstration to let customers understand how plasma treatment process can be used and added at the site.


The new anti-bacterial and anti-virus pigments can be applied extensively to all products that contact people's skin,

from plastic products such as real-life food packaging agents (PE, PVC, vinyl), home appliances, and baby products.


It is an eco-friendly additive that is not eluted by the physical combination of silicate and silver,

and has been proven to be effective in inhibiting germs such as "E. coli, fungi" and the "COVID 19" virus, and is a non-eluted pigment approved by the U.S. FDA.



AETP is a maker that produces and develops plasma surface treatment system and operated under the motto

that it will grow with customers by providing advanced engineering technologies. With various demo system,

AETP provides sample test services using test ink to measure the surface tension of surface before and after treated

by plasma before customer purchase the machine.

The test ink is also a patented product and produced by the R&D team of AETP, it can be easily used to measure the surface tension just by drawing ink on the surface.


On the other hand, AETP opened its second factory located in the Gasan Digital Complex, Geumcheon in Seoul in February 2019 for faster

and more convenient customer response service. The R&D team and a part of the technology team have moved to the second factory,

operating both first factory. AETP is having agents in Iran, Turkey, Vietnam, Russia, Germany and Italy, also AETP is set to establish a branch in japan around May.

And AETP is committed to overseas exhibition and marketing activities with the goal of export.