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COAD Co., Ltd. ready to the customized automatic solutions for each industrial site
2020-09-25 Views: 52

COAD Co., Ltd. (CEO Dae-Hoon Lee) is the 25th Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show (hereinafter referred to as KOPLAS 2021) to be held at KINTEX Exhibition Center in Goyang City for 5 days from March 12 (Tue) to 16 (Sat). ) To present customized automatic door solutions for the plastic and rubber industrial sites.


COAD Co., Ltd., the national representative of automatic door, is the only one, “The total solution of automatic door”. COAD operates as a responsible construction system that takes responsibility for manufacturing high-quality products through our own patents and technical staff with abundant know-how.

By the most diverse models, it is possible to produce suitable automatic doors for various sites. In particular, at this KOPLAS exhibition, we exhibited our best model and also showed self-recovery model used for indoor site with new technology that can escapes from an emergency situation. COAD plans to provide innovative products and information of automatic doors.


COAD Co., Ltd. has the below competitiveness to do more than 30,000 driving tests after producing customized automatic doors fitted in industrial sites. Then, COAD becomes as the national representative of the automatic door. In addition, to provide complete after-sales management in service, we provide a 24-hour customer center and 2-year free warranty.


[Competitiveness of COAD Automatic Door]

-Sheet: Increased durability by using a 2mm thickness (2T sheet) made by poly belt material

-Frame: All frames are round to prevent dust accumulation, not be angled.

-Aluminum double extrusion: High-strength aluminum by double extrusion material prevents being rusty.

-High-efficiency motor/controller: Long lifespan of automatic door by using high-efficiency motor and controller

-Interlock-system with various options: Hercules, loop, infrared, air curtain, etc.


In most industrial sites, automatic doors are used to separate the work sites, block the external material, noise and keep inside temperature. Finally, COAD produces COAD-SERISE. We would like to introduce the top 4 of automatic door that have all the economics, efficiency, convenience and durability required in the industrial field.




1.COAD-1: COAD original model

- It is basically installed in various industrial sites. The brush is built into the frame to prevent the inflow of dust from outside for creating a clean working environment of plastic or rubber industry.


2. COAD-2: Slim model

- It can be installed in a narrow indoor space with a built-in motor. This model is better to use in interlock-system and conveyor. The operation speed is faster than the COAD-1 and the motor is protected for longer use because it is inside the drum cover.


3. COAD-3: Self-recovery model

- It is a zipper type so has sealing power than COAD-1. Also, it has worth to prevent wind-pressure. As a forklift hits COAD-3, the zipper suddenly becomes to breakaway and then automatically restored. So, there is no additional repair cost. COAD-3 is beneficial in logistics.


4. COAD-20: Stacking overhead door

- COAD-20, which compensates for the disadvantages of overhead doors, has 3 times faster operating speed than existing products, and the panels are retractable. So, COAD-20 can be installed in places with low ceilings. In particular, high-density polyurethane panels are used to prevent crime and insulation. This model is suitable to require product protection or temperature maintenance from outside.