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[WITHLAB.CO.,LTD] Regenbogen to Showcase Etrebelle, a Hybrid Filler of PLA(Poly D,L-lactic) & HA(Sodium Hyaluronate)
2020-08-12 Views: 170

Regenbogen Co., Ltd.(President Jun Sung Park, www.iregenbogen.com) an Aesthetic Medical Device company will show their new Hybrid Filler of PLA(Poly D,L-lactic) & HA(Sodium Hyaluronate) which name is 'Etrebelle' at KIMES 2019 in Seoul, Korea on March 14-17, 2019.

'Etrebelle' is a Hybrid Filler of PLA(Poly D, L-lactide) microparticles and HA(Sodium Hyaluronate) which are approved by US FDA as biocompatible, biodegradable polymer materials, for providing immediate physical improvement of facial wrinkle and long lasting elasticity by stimulating collagenesis.

This product has been approved by KFDA(license no. 17-972) as graft/prosthesis and tested in clinical trials by Leaders clinic(Dr. Youn), Cellpark clinic(Dr. Chung), Picaso clinic(Dr. Kim) and so on to prove its differentiated efficacy from existing HA filler.

To control the treatment level and indication, 'Etrebelle' is consisted of 'Etrebelle 200mg' and 'Etrebelle 50mg' models. From this, Regenbogen Co., Ltd. is going to hold regular live seminars about complex application of its newly introduced filler with thread lifting as a major part.

Regenbogen Co., Ltd. is an aesthetic medical device company providing optimum quality product with corresponding educational seminar not only internally in Korea, but throughout China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and Middle East from 2012. 

WITHLAB is planning to introduce new PC program-based products along with UTM(Universal Testing Machine) and electrostatic discharge facilities.

Withlab will participate in the KOPLAS exhibition from 16th to 20th on March which will be held at the KINTEX.

Withlab plan to launch New product (Melt Flow Indexer, Taber Abrasion Tester, Heat gradient Test) which is based on PC program including UTM and Static eliminators at KOPLAS 2021.


Withlab is a company that professionally produces all equipment such as Material property equipment according to various standards.

And, Withlab is always providing exact solution and manage system for customers.


Representative product of Withlab is UTM which is able to test various experiments such as Tensile, Compression, Flex, and Pleel Strength. Withlab developed both hardware and software with Withlab's own technology and Software can be customized according to customer's specification.

It is possible to test for each standard such as ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS and KS.

So it is possible to implement for Reproducibility and Precision by adopting high-performanced indicator

Also, We are selling Digital Impact Tester, which are based on self-developed programs, at low prices.

Withlab will show new products which is included touch panel based on PC program at this exhibition.

These are products that have been upgraded from existing products, and aim to enter the global market.