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2020-08-12 Views: 159


MKE torque rheometer (RheoComp® System)” is an essential equipment for polymer processing technology development and is optimized for blending and compounding research through rheological properties analysis. It has the advantages of improving user convenience through applying self-developed i-RheoComp O/S, providing professional technical support and reasonable price. It is composed of a Windows-based driving unit and various detachable module devices.

MKE Capillary Rheometer” is a capillary-type polymer viscosity measuring equipment with global standard technology at a reasonable price. (ISO11443, ASTM D3835 / Shear rate 50~10,000 [1/sec] range) “Screw Rheometer (for Melt, Slurry & Rubber)” is a device that measures the shear viscosity inside the extruder. It can be measured in a furnace, and if it is injected in the form of pellets or powder, it operates in a batch type through self-firing in a short extruder type machine. (Shear rate 0.1~1000 [1/sec] range target) In addition, “Melting Strength Measurement System (MS-ELVis Station)” is a facility to measure the melting strength (extension viscosity) of polymer composite materials, and consists of a strand extruding part and a melt strength measuring part. It is used for developing high-strength ultra-light material parts and other high functional polymer products.