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[AFT INC.] Fluidized Bed Cleaning System
2020-08-12 Views: 93

AFT INC.(www.afinc.co.kr) will show a Fluidized bed cleaning system named FluClean at KOPLAS 2021. At KINTEX in Korea on March 16-20, 2021.

Since plastics, rubber and paint industries emergence, they have been developing remarkably.  This rapid development of materials has gone hand in hand with the invention and development of countless cleaning methods for contaminated

etal parts used in injection molding machines and extruders.


Nevertheless most of industrial sectors face the problem of removing organic residues,

such as plastics, paint, rubber or powder coating at some stage of their production process.

Because most conventional cleaning methods entail serious problems such as damage or deformation of parts, poor cleaning quality, high cleaning costs, or cause hazard to operators and the environment.


Consequently removing plastic, rubber or paint coatings from metal parts, finished products or production components made of metal is a widespread problem.


AFT Inc. has been trying to solve these problems since 1986. Now successful with FluClean.

FluClean is the sole system capable of resolving these problems completely.