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2019-02-11 Views: 171


Revolutionizing LSR injection molding technology and with it thinking in all directions and always fllowing a strict principle: Every new solution has to be simple and better. Simply Next Level. That was the impetus for the founding of Nexus.



Founded in 2007 by the twin brothers Dietmar and Bernhard Waizenauer, the vision behind Nexus has always been paramount: making the previously largely intuitive processes of injection molding with liquid silicone (LSR) more process-stable with new approaches and the use of new technologies. With innovative solutions, the start-up quickly became an established company on a steady growth track. Today, Nexus is a one-stop provider of systems for manufacturing LSR components and technology leader in closed and open loop control and process engineering.





(▲ Nexus LSR Cold Deck with FlowSet + Timeshot System)



Quality and profitability

No more insufficient filling or unstable injection molding processes in liquid silicone processing! Thanks to the Nexus Servomix dosing system. The new Splitnex technology, paired with highly efficient servo drives and powerful control systems, automatically and safely separates and purges the air from the material. The total material loss thus drops below 0.5%. The fully automatic software is independent of the operator and records and documents all process data.


Next Level: LSR cold runner technology

Two Nexus innovations fundamentally change the cold runner technology with direct injection via needle valve gate systems, because there is no reject due to incorrectly filled cavities. The Nexus Timeshot controls the fill quantity over the injection time, the Nexus Flowset via the flow rate. The fully automatic Nexus systems ensure optimum material flow and gatefree, flashless moldings. Each single cavity (from 2 to 128) can be activated and also deactivated separately without interrupting the injection process.



(▲ Nexus ServoMix with Splitnex Technology)


Investment in the future


A factor in the steadily increasing international success is that Nexus is not satisfied with existing solutions in the industry. This was also the impetus for the construction of the new headquarter in Eberstalzell in Austria. In the future, this will provide enough space for young and motivated employees who also want to revolutionize LSR injection molding technology. All in all, Nexus' complete portfolio includes know-how and expertise in LSR dosing technology, mold making, cold runner technology, demolding and automation. This makes Nexus the partner of choice for turn-key solutions.