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SCMshow Micro injection moulding machine, Micro Gravimetric Feeder&Dryer, Continuous fully automatic screen changers at KOPLAS 2019
2019-02-11 Views: 160


SCM(Scientific Chemical Machinery) will attend International Plastic & Rubber industrial show (KOPLAS 2019) and show their partner’s equipment. Equipments will be world first Micro injection moulding machine(Dr.BOY: GE), Micro extruder (Randcastle Extrusion System Inc., USA), Micro Gravimetric Feeder with Dryer(DIGICOLOR: GER), Continuous fully automatic screen changers (HITECH: USA) which are not yet introduced in Korea market.


For the micro injection moulding machine, SCM will introduce Dr.BOY’s 3 injection moulding machine.


The Korean plastics trade fair KOPLAS opens its doors for the 25th time in March next year. The international trade fair celebrates this anniversary from the 12th to the 16th March, 2019 at the exhibition centre in Goyang. BOY also had every reason to celebrate: The manufacturer of injection moulding machines with clamping forces of up to 1250 kN successfully concludes its 50th business year. At the BOY booth P768 in hall 4, the Korean BOY representative SCM (Scientific Chemical Machinery) will present three successful models of BOY.




A BOY XXS (clamping force 63 kN) produces practical bookmark clips and a vertical BOY XS V (100 kN) overmoulds metal nail files. These two exhibits are equipped with 3D-printed mould inserts. In this way, injection moulded parts are produced which have the same physical properties as if they were produced with conventional injection moulds. This is not possible with the additive component manufacturing on 3D-printers. By using printed mould inserts, plastic parts from almost all materials - even glass-fibre reinforced plastics - can be processed and cost-effectively injection-moulded even in very small quantities. The printed mould inserts are a more cost-effective alternative to traditional metal moulds for the use in prototype manufacturing and small batch production.




BOY will complement its trade fair participation by a BOY 25 E (250 kN clamping force). The compact injection moulding machine (1.8 m² footprint) shows the possibilities of an injection-moulded 3D-surface structure on a check card.

( ▲ BOY XXS with 3D Print Core / BOY XS V / BOY25E)




For the micro extruder, SCM will introduce Randcastle’s micro cast film line. Randcastle founded in 1987 year only for micro extruder and has many patents about extruder technology. Extruder is really good to use at small space and various material can be used with extruder from engineering to PVC. Specially, Randcastle’s mixing is 1000 times better than single extruder and 8 times better than twin extruder compared with similar screw diameter.





(▲ Randcastle Cast Film Line / Randcastle Micro Cast Film Line)




For Micro Gravimetric Feeder, SCM will introduce DIGICOLOR’s DCG Gravimetric feeder. DIGICOLOR founded in 1978 year and well know material management system manufacturer in Europe. DIGICOLOR’s main equipments are dryer, mixing&dosing unit, material storage and so on.






(▲ DIGICOLOR Dosing-DCG Micro / DIGICOLOR DW12-25 dryer)




For Continuous fully automatic screen changers, SCM will introduce HITECH’s micro screen changer system. HITECH founded in 1969 year and specialized in automatic screen changer systems. Continuous fully automatic screen changers can be used with FOAM, BLOWN FILM, SHEET & FILM, PIPE & PROFILE, CO-EXTRUSION, BLOW MOLDING, FILAMENT/FIBER Extrusion Line.





(▲ Continuous fully automatic screen changers)