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SEOUL, South Korea, March 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The platform of Plastics & Rubber Industry'''', the 22nd KOPLAS 2013 with a theme of ''''Smart-world through plastic'''' ended. It had been held held in KINTEX, ILSAN from March 12th to 16th and supported by KOREA E&EX INC, Korea Plastics Processing Machine Industry Cooperative, GyeongGi-Do, MKE (Ministry of Knowledge Economy), SMBA, KOTRA, Kbiz, KFPIC, Korea Bio Material Packaging Association, KBPA, The Korean Institute of Rubber Industry, and Korea Plastic Recycling Association.

At the opening ceremony on 12th, KOPLAS 2013 and INTERMOLD KOREA were co-hosted attended by related figures such as Kim Jea Hong (an executive director of Knowledge and Economy department), Kim Heong Bin (a head of Small Business Administration), Na Kyung Hwan (a president of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology), Jo Bong Hyun (a president of Korea Federation Plastic Industry Cooperative), Dr. Asutosh Gor (a president of All India Plastic Manufacturers Association), Kim Chung Hwan (a president of KOREA E&EX IN, KOPLAS host), Han Young Soo (an executive of Korea Federation Plastic Industry Cooperative), Park Sun Hwang (an executive of Korea Die Mold Industry Cooperative, INTERMOLD KOREA host), Kim Dong Seop (an honor chairman of the board of Korea Die Mold Industry Cooperative), Yun Yu Jung (a president of Daehan Electric co. ltd), Kim Byung Gu (a prisident of Dongshin Hydraulics), Lee Gaung Won(a vice president of LSMtron), Lee Yong Gu(a president of Jinyoung Precision Machine Co., Ltd.), Kim Hak Gwon (a president of JAEYOUNG SOLUTEC), Gwon Young ryeol (a president of Hwacheon Machinery), Lee Jea Yun (a vice president of Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.), Jung Tea Il (a president of OSG Korea Corporation), Yun Hye Seop (a president of KORLOY), You Young Hee (a president of Korea Yudo), and Lee Han Cheol (a president of KINTEX).

The 22th KOPLAS 2013 started from 1981 at first most successfully ended with 66,533 foreign and domestic buyers to see 3,100 booths opened by 818 companies from 28 countries. It was co-held with INTERMOLD KOREA and HARFKO.

Some say it was an opportunity for KOPLAS to be a plastic exhibition representing for Asia, as the three most important capital goods industrial exhibitions were hosted at the same time. And it was also a chance to have competitiveness in newly created markets and fast-changing technology innovation current by combining different industries.

This year''''s KOPLAS was the biggest fair with 303 companies including global plastic cooperation  from 24 countries and drew attention internationally.

Buyers from emerging nations, organizations and their presidents such as India Plastic Association, All India Plastic Manufacturers Association and Taiwan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association attended.

Items for display visually enjoyable were materials, subsidiary materials, half-finished products, complete products, injection molding machines, extruders, processing machines, feeders, thermoregulators, unloaders, mills, bonding machines, cutters, packers, controllers, sensors, screws, cylinders, me, rubber injection molding machines or extruders, O-ring testers, rubber half-finished and complete products, information service, plastic or rubber related products, metal molds, packing and printing related products.

Main companies were ILKWNAG POLYMER, BYK, IL-WOONG PLATECH, Eco Frendly Livingware, Doill Coloer-Chem, GCC, Iruchem, WOOJIN PLAIMM,LS Mtron, DONGSHIN Hydraulics, HYUNDAI Injection&Machinery, Heunghwa Injection Machine, Arburg, KOREA ENGEL, Sumitomo, Krauss Maffei, Haitian, Cosmos, Yizumi, PLM, DESMA, Jinsan PLM, SungJin Machinery, Shin Chang Precision Industrial, Shin Heong Autox, Hanyoung NUX, Yudo, Daehan Electric, Yooil System, Hankook System, Seahn System, HNP Interpra, Neutech, Yushin, Hanse, ABNEXO, AFT, MEK Engineering Corporation, Withlab, MICO, HATECH KOREA, ILBEOM,JK INNOVATION, Sunraytech, CIJ KOREA, Metalstick.

KOPLAS 2013 held an international seminar attended by Japanese specialists in the industry of polymer processing and auto parts. Planned fresh and innovative and seminars included  ''''carbon fiber WPC for an automobile'''', ''''metal mold production for liquid silicone'''', ''''Next-generation Eco-friendly plastic new injection molding technology'''' and ''''Eco-friendly plastic and new injection molding technology''''. They provided a chance to catch up with current trend and technology information in the industry.

It is expected that Korean plastic industry will be improved both in its quantity and quality triggered by KOPLAS 2013 and leap up to the new take off stage with more advanced Eco-friendly plastic, high functional cutting-edge material and extra-large or super-accuracy processing machine. Meanwhile, comparing domestic products to ones from various foreign countries can encourage Korean companies to develop better products. And those who find Korean products great will contribute to the expansion of domestic market and exportation.

KOPLAS 2015, the 23rd exhibition is expected to be a great exhibition drawing global attention with more attended foreign and domestic companies.


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